09 January 2009

Clicker training

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a man that didn't want to consider clicker training because as he put it, "I don't want to have to have a clicker on me at all times to get my dog to do anything."  That made me realize that some people, maybe a lot of people, don't realize what a clicker does.  If used correctly, it acts as a marker.  It marks a specific behavior.  The same way a person's voice would just with the potential for more accuracy.  So the dog realizes the exact moment they do what the trainer wants.  This does not mean the dog will only do the behavior if a clicker is involved.  It's a training tool, just like a leash or treats, it helps in the training process.

To learn more about training with a clicker research Karen Pryor, she's got a bunch of great books!