14 September 2010

back 'atcha!

questions we need to be asking: (I mean about our four-legged unconditional loves but of course, inevitably, how we create these problems for them)

why the exponential growth (huge jack-and-the-beanstalk jump up) in all major canine medical conditions in last half of this century?
-immune disorders
-orthopedic malformations
-dermatological problems
-cardiac diseases
-obesity (seriously, we're feeding them!)

why are dogs having shorter lifespans (when modern veterinary medicine is so advanced)?

why do puppy mills not only exist but thrive?

why are neutering and spaying becoming mandated law when severe health risks are involved?

how can we not know how many millions of shelter animals are euthanized yearly in America?

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  1. it has been 7 months since you have posted! please answer these questions NOOOOWWWWW.