14 September 2010

Prescription, as in... illegal to sell anywhere else

So I ditched the ten foot pole and am going to touch it with my bare hands.

Please, please, pleeeease understand what a prescription food is:

An nutritionally incomplete food (as defined by AAFCO, the people that say Gravy Train is good) not approved for long term consumption

AAFCO's actually kinda awesome in a sick and depraved way. Peanut hulls, shoe leather, and motor oil would meet their requirements.

Also, hypoallergenic food = crappola!

Allergies are not all the same nor are they usually caused by food (read raw meat) in canines! (The way in which the food it is raised, prepared, supplemented yes!)
And if, per chance, they are...one food will not rule them all (like a ring would)!

If I'm allergic to peanuts and you're allergic to shell fish and Marcy's allergic to beef and Cindy Loo's allergic to chicken and Jahosah's allergic to rice and Muhammed's allergic to chimichangas and so on....what could possibly be in a hypoallergenic food for all of us? As Edwin Starr aptly described, the same as warAbsolutely Nothing! (except maybe fiber, cellulose, water, and fat so there's actually something in the freakin' bag or can!)

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