14 September 2010

vaccination across the nation, an abomination

first and formost I would like to say I'm not completely opposed to the concept of vaccines.
What I am concerned about is:

-how vaccinations are give:
              form (compounds, carrier, adjuvants, etc...)
-factual representation:
              what is mandatory by law 
              recommended by AVMA and others like Dr Jean Dodds
              awareness of potential side effects
-immunity assessment
              checking need of vaccine before blindly giving
              testing an animal's existing immunity with titers

Most people have no knowledge that vaccination is optional and potentially detrimental for our four-legged companions. Without informing the guardian of the animal the choice and understanding are lost.  I'm sure Samuel Clemens will be turning in his grave but for the sake of stating the obvious, that means people have no idea vaccinations could even be the cause of a medical issue and potentially stop the suffering from continuing.  Or, from reporting it for that matter. Then where would the establishment of "modern" veterinary medicine be?
Probably in the same place pesticides have finally gotten to because consumers wouldn't shut up, not that anything will really be done mind you.
Mmmh, fun little fact, anyone that's ever worked in a vet clinic has probably heard this expression, "rabies right, (feline) leukemia left." This refers to the precedent where the Rabies vaccination is administered to the rear right leg of an animal and in felines the FeLV vaccination in the rear left leg.  
Ever wonder why or curious now?

'Cause it's easier to cut off a leg when it gets cancer than to cut part of the neck off (where the rest of vaccinations are usually administered). 

Yeah, so there's a lot your vet isn't telling you is all I'm saying.


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