14 September 2010

flea me alone and tick off

right, so PESTICIDES

that you have to wear gloves to apply

directly to the skin of a furry creature

that you touch with your bare hands multiple times daily

that are perfectly "safe"

How's that working? Come again?
Right, right, so marketing is this amazing tool that when coupled with the momentous machine of "modern veterinary medicine" (read propaganda machine) combines to sell you a product to harm you and your beloved fluffy ones.

Oh, but wait, it gets better (read sadder and more frustrating) the fleas and ticks are becoming resistant to the chemicals! The chemicals that to begin with don't deter the pests (only claim to kill after biting)! So, said pests can and are more likely to catch a ride into an area where you might become the desirable meal.
These chemicals, not medications like some many people like to say (unless you think the taste of almonds in your coffee is your "medication"), also cost a bloody fortune.

*tidbit: Tick borne diseases are transmitted at a minimum of 24 to 48 hrs after a tick bites. Daily tick checks are the best defense against tick borne diseases for humans and animals.
So a minute puppy massage (tick check) at the end of every day when you're relaxing petting your pup anyway...is safe, healthy (emotionally and physically for you, enjoyable and helpful for the furred ones) and free.

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