13 September 2010


So...I don't know where to start with this one.  This will be, undoubtably and unrepentantly, a topic that I will discuss quite frequently at great length and with intensity. 'Cause it drives me freakin' nutty (like so many other things) that people conceptually don't get that feeding our beloved friends stuff that can sit at room temperature for over a year has any nutritional value.
What food can you keep in your "cupboard" for a year and not debate if it's still good?
Right, now imagine eating those few things for the rest of your life!
Barring an apocalypse (I'm hoping for Zombies personally) where it's unsafe to be outside, in daylight hours or because of general contamination, who in their right mind would think these things were nutritionally complete?

Enter stage right, kibble and canned pet food.
The waste products of our food processing became a money maker for industries.

Some of my favorite things found in "scientifically proven" formulas.
4 D foods: Diseased, Downed (Disabled), Dieing, DEAD (illegal of course for us to consume but hey, feeding cancer to a dog is good profit and therefore business!)
Soy Bean Mill Run: The waste at the bottom of the machine that makes our soy products...oh yeah, adds lots of "protein" and "fiber" on the Guaranteed Analysis dontch'ya know?
For a more complete list of what scary things lurk in commercial pet food look at the Dog Food Project's site.
Oh and that reminds me...that Guaranteed Analysis (one of the only three things of interest on a product, the other two being the Ingredient list and Manufacturer, both highly suspect) can and is manipulated to read better than reality. Nitrogen (what is tested for in labs when determining protein content) is added to increase percentages. Classy.
So before I start spewing actual venom, I'm going to say this and be done, for the moment.

Before the creation of pet food, say fifty years ago, what did our furry friends thrive on for the past 100,000 years?

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